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  1. What pigeon photos will you accept?

Apart from anything with gore and violence, anything goes currently! This may change as the site evolves. We will update the guidelines here if necessary.

2. My amazing fat pigeon photo that I posted on Twitter has disappeared?! Help!

Unfortunately due to Twitter’s API, we can’t hold photos older than one week. So, your amazing fat pigeon photo will disappear from the site after one week as the site continually refreshes.

We would recommend using Instagram, where there is no hard limit on how long we can keep photos. For more information, please visit Twitter’s API documentation page.

3. How often can I expect to see new pigeon photos on the site?

We’re currently approving all pictures manually (lol) at the moment and should be updated daily by 11pm GMT. We’re looking to automate the process however, with the view for approval processes to be faster.